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Solution Oriented Coaching


What is “Solution Oriented Coaching®”?

The model was developed to make coaching a practice focused on the mobilization of resources and skills.

The vast majority of coaching practices are centered on the problems experienced, in fact, a significant amount of time and energy is devoted to understanding, analyzing, explaining the problems. However, we have all had this experience: mastering the explanation of a problem does not make it go away.

Helping to build and achieve useful objectives by facilitating the mobilization of qualities, strengths and skills, this is the challenge of “Solution Oriented Coaching®”.

Why do “Solution Oriented Coaching®”?

He is not “shrink”: people are not analyzed, put in boxes, there is no diagnosis or interpretation, speculation or “test”. The practitioner of “Solution Oriented Coaching®” is interested in the particularity of the person he is supporting and in the right way to help him take action to achieve his goal.

It is brief. This coaching offered over 6 sessions aims to mobilize the capacity for change, helps the person to make better use of the qualities, skills and resources at his disposal. The coach’s job is to facilitate access to the first useful changes.

It is experimental. This coaching approach emphasizes the concrete aspects, the experience of the situations and the capacities expressed or capable of being. In one session, the coach invites you to debrief the actions and experiments decided in the previous session; to work on current affairs; promotes operational work on real-life situations. Between 2 sessions, the coaching continues with the experiences – of mobilization of skills, of resources – to be carried out.



Each coach has his professional background, initial training and additional training, a personality that makes his integration and practice of “Solution Oriented Coaching®” unique to him.

Engaging in coaching is also engaging with a coach. Meeting several of them and taking the time to choose is part of the coaching process.

Who is interested ?

Professional coaching is for all people working in a company or organization, whether at the initiative of the HRD or individually:

  • Executives managers
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Company founders
  • Project leaders
  • Professional team
On which topics?

The topics commonly discussed during professional coaching are numerous. Some examples :

  • Professional situation
  • Real skills
  • Efficiency and quality of work
  • To manage and to be managed
  • Stress and interaction management
  • Links with collaborators
  • Role in the organization
  • Apprehensions, Fears & Blockages
  • Communication practices
  • Well-being and self-control
  • Reactions in complex situations
  • Functioning
Tack Set coaching is based on the Solution Oriented Coaching method ©

After a preliminary interview which makes it possible to validate that the coaching is adapted to the situation, a cycle of 6 sessions maximum, at regular intervals, is set up.
Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Between each session, the coachee is invited to implement the progress resolutions decided upon and the coach can suggest exercises or experiments to be carried out.

The cycle of sessions ends when the coachee has implemented the determined solutions

Face-to-face or telephone / videoconference coaching